The Fire Ascending (The Last Dragon Chronicles #7) by Chris d’Lacey

fireascendingRecommended by Nicholas M.

“From living with a house full of dragons to being forever linked with the ‘special’ one and taking control of them all…”

A tenant moves in with an artist and her squirrel loving daughter. Meanwhile, the mother and daughter put him through trial of leadership. Day by day, he gets more and more experienced with dealing with dragons and how they work, eat, play and fall. All of these tests get him one step closer to unlocking his full potential. This book reminds me of … well, nothing. This book is so unique in so many ways. What makes this book stands out is how magical it is and how mysterious it is. The plot is just … “amazing.” Once you start reading and see how everything unfolds, it’s crazy how you could get hooked on something like this. I give this book 5 stars. If you liked other books that involve subliminal context, or something like The Giver, this may be a good book to read.


Deal With It (A Kimani Tru book) by Monica McKayhan

dealwithitRecommended by Sierra M.

“Was I really jealous of my best friend? Psh never.”

Deal With It is about a group of teenage girls from a dance group trying to figure about their lives, turned into a group of girls that’s in deep stuff. Thinking their lives will be like they planned it, they figure out that things are not always like you planned. This group of girls go through something some normal teenage girls don’t. Deal With It actually reminds me of Drama High series because all of its unexpected parts to the drama and the parts that will leave you in awe. This book stands out a lot because you expect the unexpected. It’s very different because of all of its surprises.

At first when I read this book I thought it was very boring not interesting at all but, when I read a couple of more chapters it started to get real good. I will rate this book a 5-star book. If you like urban books, you will honestly love this. If you like surprises, then this is your book.

Breaking Point (Bluford High #16) by Karyn Langhorne Folan and Paul Langan

breakingpointRecommended by Tracy V.

Many people have family problems that can easily be solved, but in this situation Vicky just can’t seem to get out.

Vicky has been having family problems, and this is causing her to fail her classes. Everyone wants answers,but its just too complicated. Breaking Point started a little slow, so that everyone gets to know the characters, but at the same time it’s really good.This book is also similar to other books such as, Blessing in Disguise. These book are similar because both girls that star in the book deals with many problems. Another book that reminds me of this is,The Fallen, another Bluford High book.If I was to rate this book out 5 stars, it would be 5 out of 5.You should read this book if you like the Bluford High Series or Urban fiction.

Mentor the Kid & the CEO by Tom Pace

mentorRecommended by Ms. Crawford

I recommend the book titled Mentor The Kid & The CEO because it’s an inspiring story. Tony is one of the main characters and he has run-ins with the law, and has no guidance until he meets a business man who he can relate to.  The business man shared his experiences with Tony and they both became successful.  There were setbacks for both student and teacher but they overcame several life challenges. It’s an uplifting story and a quick read that will help you as well as motivate you to mentor someone else.  The book covers five areas: mental, physical, spiritual, financial and relationships.  I would rate this book 5 Stars. This book is perfect for busy people and one who has a short attention span. The book will help inspire those that want to overcome challenges. It exhibits the importance of sharing information about life lessons and how you can have the opportunity to establish a successful life despite all obstacles.

Deadly Deceptions by Linda Lael Miller

deadlydeceptionsRecommended by Ms. Wagner (September winner of Jimmy John’s gift card)

“I swore.  There’d been, as they say, no love lost between Alex Pennington and me, but I wouldn’t have  wished him dead. And Greer was going to come unglued when she found out.” (from Linda Lael Miler’s Deadly Deceptions)

Mojo is trying to enjoy her fancy new home but remembers how fun it was to live over the saloon because she finds out her sister is being blackmailed. Her boyfriend, who is a police officer, has problems of his own with his ex-wife. To top it all off, there have been a series of murders in town and all the victims are acquaintances of Mojo.

I have read a lot of Sandra Brown books that have mixed romance with suspense and mystery and am always surprised that the story lines are new each time. I expected Deadly Deceptions to be predictable but I was surpised. I have a penchant for those kinds of books because they are an escape from my day.What makes this book stand out, as it isn’t unique, is that it provides a good mix of suspense and romance without being pornographic.My advice would be to not read on a school night as you’ll want to read and read and read. I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars because of its genre. It’s not Tom Clancey suspenseful but there is enough to keep you interested. You should read this book if you like suspense with a romantic story line.

lovemyanime.netRecommended by Alexander T.

Do you love anime? Now you can watch it any time you desire! All for FREE! This site lets you watch almost any anime you want at any time you want! New episode are uploaded as soon as they are shown. Now you’ll never miss a thing! This site is almost like crunchyroll. They both let you watch your anime 24/7/365. Yet, this site is FREE with no limits! The site’s anime is mostly in Japanese with English subtitles. I would give 4 out of 5 stars. You should use this site if you like Anime.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman

brokeupRecommended by Genesis T. (September winner of Domino’s Pizza gift card)

“You either have the feeling or you don’t.”

                                             -Daniel Handler, Why We Broke Up

Through a letter that the lead protagonist, Min Green, explains to her ex-boyfriend, Ed Slaterton, the reasons why they broke up with a series of souvenirs she kept throughout their relationship.

Why We Broke Up reminds me of the book  Eleanor and Park and the book Someone Like You because they all are about romances that tragically end. The thing that stands out about Why We Broke Up is how very detailed every piece of it is. From deciphering facial expressions to little cards with facts about actresses on them. Oh, and Min Green is completely hysterical. I think that Why We Broke Up was difficult to read because of how detailed the author goes into about every emotion, thought, type of music, anything really but that is really what makes it such a good read. I give this book a 4 out of 5 rating. You should read this book if you like romances, bizarre humor, and really abrupt endings.