The Skin I’m In by Sharon Flake

the skin i'm in book coverRecommended by Bre’anna L.

If you were teased for being darker than others inside your own community, would you love yourself enough to ignore your low-self esteem and their ignorance?
Throughout the years of her growing up, seventh grader Maleeka Madison has low-self esteem because of her dark skin color and others’ ignorance. The book Skinny reminds me of The Skin I’m In because both books deal with low-self esteem issues, where one happens to be a seventh grader and the other is in college. The thing that makes “The Skin I’m In” unique is that it’s funny and the young lady is very strong despite everything that hurts her. You would expect for her to cry a lot and be depressed but she’s not. I thought that The Skin I’m In was very interesting and it has parts in the book where it makes you laugh but is very relatable to the everyday girl. I give The Skin I’m In a 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you love relatable books , fiction and moving stories.


Copper Sun by Sharon Draper

cooper sun book coverRecommended by Victoria W.

Have you ever been in a very bad situation and always somehow see only the good in it?
“Copper Sun” is about how a little girl named Ameri’s home in Africa was invaded by what they call “strangers,” but they are just Cartesian people. Anyway they basically killed her whole family and her entire village. Only she and a handfull of people survived. From that day on Ameri’s life was filled with rainy days, tears, and fear. There were some days that were filled with joy.  No matter how bad everything got she remembered what her mother told her and saw the good in everything and everyone.
This book reminds me of one of my close friends because whenever something got bad she always saw the bright side of the situation.
This book is unique because its very interesting to read; it catches your attention all the way through and makes you want to read more and more.
I don’t have any advice just read the book because I know you’ll love it was much as i did.
I would give this book a 10.

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Evermore-Book-Cover-evermore-9306294-400-600Recommended by Ayanna S.

In this first installment of her Immortal series, Alyson Noel snags ahold of the reader’s attention with her amazing ability to to build suspense and curiosity. Dipping into the phenomenon of supernatural abilities, the unknowns of the afterlife, both the limited and unlimited opportunities of immortality, offer a wealth of possible plots to entertain. The Evermore series can be summed up as breath taking, leaving you in shock and making you want to continue reading. This book reminds me of the movie “The Spirit” because they are both about immortality. What’s unique about this book is how she goes into so much detail about immortals and what they have to go through in order for people to not know about their secret. The advice I will give you about this book is do not get lost in the book and don’t get confused with other characters. Out of 5 stars I would give this book 6.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

diary of wimpy kid bookRecommended by Simone H.

Have you ever wanted to be popular? Fit in to be one of the “cool kids”? In Jeff Kinney’s “Diary of A Wimpy Kid” Greg is an ordinary kid who’s tired of being lame and wants to become a cool guy. But at home his family wants him to be this kid he doesn’t want to be. What’s unique about this book is that is realistic. Anyone who reads this book, I recommend you read all of the other sequences. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

The Garden of Eve by K.L. Going

Going_1.inddRecommended by Kimmarrah P.

Have you ever given up on something that you used to love so much? That’s how Eve felt. Her mom died and after the death she stopped believing in magic and stories. One day she was given a seed, for her 11th birthday, and she didn’t know what kind of seed it was nor did she know who gave it to her. She went on a journey with a kid who claimed to be a ghost but she wouldn’t believe it. They were in a “cursed town”, Beaumont, New York. This book is it’s own because of the mystery and tribulations she goes through in the story and how the whole book played out. To me this book deserves a 5 star rating because it was really good. If you like a good mystery, grieving, and magic, this book will suit you.

Cirque du Freak Darren Shan Vampire Fiction

cirque du freak the vampire bookRecommended by Laandreia F.

Have you ever feel like an outcast, weirdo, or misfit? Darren Shan, a young boy in love with spiders, lives a normal life. He and friends discover a secret illegal freak show is coming to their town so they get 2 tickets but there are 4 friends. They take a draw…but who gets the tickets? “Goosebumps” reminds me of this story because a child has to endure some traumatic experiences and learn from it. This book is unique because of its take on vampires and how they turn others into vampires. They show a whole other side to the dark, evil, satanic monster known as a vampire. This book is a good story because if you like vampires or freak shows this could be a great book for you. I would give this book a 5 out of 5.

Iron King by Julie Kagawa

iron king bookRecommended by Le’Asia H.

Have you ever wondered what a fairy land would look like if Iron Fey took over? Well in the “Iron King” it is about fairies. But there not like fairies you read in the fairy tales. They’re mean and harsh. But this girl has a best friend named Goodfella. They go into the fairy land and the Iron Fey are taking over. This book reminds me of life today. I say this because technology is conquering the world. The journey they take though the fairy land reflects life. You should read it and remember to read between the lines. I would give this book a 4 out of 5. You should read this book if you like science fiction books.