Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

brusierRecommended by Markell L.

Have you ever felt others people pain physically and mentally ? Brusier is about a boy named Brewster who is a loner people think he’s a little awkward cause he acts different form everyone else they call him brusier . Brewster and his little brother live with there Uncle Hoyt who is a drunk and get really abusive and over protective when he gets drunk. Also , Brewster has a girlfriend named Bronte . Bronte has a brother who also makes fun of Brewster but later on in the book some ironic happens . Brewster gets scared physically and mentally that he shouldnt be getting because its not him actually supposed to be taking the pain but he care that much that he takes all of his loved ones pain when he’s around. This book is unique because you would think a certain thing would happen and another thing happens it ironic in a good way ! This is a good book that i think alot of people would want to read it . This book was an attention grabber when i first started reading it . i would rate this book 5 stars


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