The God Box by Alex Sanchez

thegodboxpb11Can somebody be gay AND a christian? Paul, a senior in a small town located in Texas, starts to question his faith as a new guy, Manuel, comes to town and heightens Paul’s strange feelings. As Paul gets to know Manuel, he starts to question his religion and himself. But, that’s not the only changes Manuel has started. This book kind of reminds me of Geography club. They both involve acceptance from peers, denied feelings, and a cool GSA( Gay Straight Alliance) It gives a different perspective of the bible in terms on where it stands on homosexuality. It changes believers and non-believers point of views. Listen to Evermore by Dan Stevens. It really sets the tone and makes you feel things. If it doesn’t work then you should be fine either way. 5 out of 5 stars.

Recommended by Suni A.


The Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

77493_originalThe Mystical land of Prythian is a place where no mortal can step foot without being stuck there forever, at the mercy of the ruthless faeries. Feyre is a poor human girl who is the sole supporter of herself, her two sisters, and her crippled father. She hunts for food since they don’t have money to buy it, and in winter food is scarce. But her whole life changes when she kills a wolf who turns out to be a faerie in disguise and one of the elite high fae come to take her to Prythian as punishment for her crimes. Most YA books with female protagonists, the main character spends half the time fawning over some hot guy and I feel like that really takes away from the character. And. while there is romance, Feyre isn’t much like her fellow female protagonists. She can handle herself and knows when to say no and when to get out of bad relationships. At first the book seems pretty cheesy and melodramatic about seemingly stupid things, but as you read the book and get further into the story, things start to make more sense and it’s not as cheesy and cringy. I would give A Court of Thorns and Roses 4.5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like romance or Sci-Fi books.

Recommended by Victoria M.

Alender’s Famous Last Words wins LFLA MS Book Battle


The 6th grade team shows off their favorite Book Battle books as well as the Panera gift cards they won at the LFLA MS Book Battle April 13.

Katie Alender’s Famous Last Words was voted favorite Book Battle book this year by the middle school students who participated. “It is filled with weird things and mystery,” said Gabi. According to Anihya the book is “scary and interesting.” Amhari-Tene loved the book because it has “the best turning point.”

Other favorites included Beth Fantaskey’s Buzz Kill. Ashley said the book had “mystery and surprises,” while DaMontay liked that the book was about football. Kameron enjoyed Carter Roy’s Blood 20894023Guard: “It has to do with a little fantasy and builds relationships between the characters.” Malkia recommends Tim Green’s Lost Boy. “I like this book because the boy, Ryder, never gives up, ” she said. For Shamia, Cherie Priest’s I Am Princess X was a favorite because it was part book and part comic: “I liked that the heroes were girls and that they had a secret society.”

Our middle school students were able to enjoy all of these books and more, thanks to the generous donation of books from our sponsors, BookSource and Turtleback Books.