SteelHeart by Brandon Sanderson

20342545Would you want to kill superheroes? A boy named David Charlestone wants revenge on Steelheart. David is looking to get help from a group called The Reckoners. They are a shadowy group of rebels bent on maintaining justice. The Reckoners might even need Davids help to. This book is unique in the way that it presents the conflict of the story. Some ways to deal with them with by presenting weaknesses. It has some slow parts and can be very intriguing stay with the book. My rating for this book would be a 4/5 stars.

Recommended by Kenneth H.


Alender’s Famous Last Words wins LFLA MS Book Battle


The 6th grade team shows off their favorite Book Battle books as well as the Panera gift cards they won at the LFLA MS Book Battle April 13.

Katie Alender’s Famous Last Words was voted favorite Book Battle book this year by the middle school students who participated. “It is filled with weird things and mystery,” said Gabi. According to Anihya the book is “scary and interesting.” Amhari-Tene loved the book because it has “the best turning point.”

Other favorites included Beth Fantaskey’s Buzz Kill. Ashley said the book had “mystery and surprises,” while DaMontay liked that the book was about football. Kameron enjoyed Carter Roy’s Blood 20894023Guard: “It has to do with a little fantasy and builds relationships between the characters.” Malkia recommends Tim Green’s Lost Boy. “I like this book because the boy, Ryder, never gives up, ” she said. For Shamia, Cherie Priest’s I Am Princess X was a favorite because it was part book and part comic: “I liked that the heroes were girls and that they had a secret society.”

Our middle school students were able to enjoy all of these books and more, thanks to the generous donation of books from our sponsors, BookSource and Turtleback Books.

Something like Hope by Shawn Goodman

something-like-hopeRecommended by Ashyrha D.

When life knocks you down you have to get right back up. Sometimes when your young you do dumb things but after a while you grow from it. Shavonne wants to change but never thought it was this hard. Something like Hope reminds me of real life situations that you are given but something you have to do alone. Some of the scenes will surprise you, you wouldn’t expect it to come out that way. It starts a little slow in my opinion but soon you’ll learn her struggle. I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like Realistic drama/real life situations come to life in a book.

The maze runner by james dashner

The_Maze_Runner_coverRecommended by kenna b

A bunch of boys stuck in a maze for years. Then another boy comes. And he is different from the others. After him came a girl. And nearly everything changed. Thomas woke up in the maze with a bunch of boys surrounding him.there’s something special about him. Then things start getting even more strange when a girl comes up. Their different from the others. then suddenly they start finding a way out. This reminds me of the 4th book of percy jackson. It’s full of action and is like the maze runner. You have to find a way out of something. And it’s risky. Be patient when it starts out slow. it’s gets good. 5 stars for this book because it’s awesome and great.

TBT: Sharon Draper was & is an LFLA favorite

forgedbyfireSharon Draper is know for her urban and historical fiction. Her books are very popular among LFLA high school students, most of whom started reading her when they were in middle school. Sophomore Ashyrha’s favorite book when she was younger was Forged by Fire. She says she liked it because “I love drama books.” In addition to drama books, Ashyrha also enjoys mystery, comedy and books with a message.firefromrock

Freshman Tracy’s favorite book from when she was younger is one of Draper’s historical fiction books, Fire From the Rock, that tells the story of school integration. Tracy says, “I love reading books about segregation.” Tracy also enjoys urban fiction.

Fire From the Rock is on this year’s high school Book Battle list, and Draper’s newest book, Stella By Starlight is on the middle school Book Battle list. It was inspired by her grandma’s diaries. Watch this video to hear from the author herself about this book.