Naruto by Kishimoto

screen480x480“I’ll never give up, that’s my ninja way….I’ll never die until I become a hokage.” Naruto was born to Kushina Uzimaki and Minato Namizaki. Naruto’s father is the 4th hokage legendarily and the fastest ninja alive. His mother had the nine tails and passed it on to Naruto. Naruto reminds of dragonball because of how they would fight for the people they love and ones that cannot fight themselves. They also want to reach their goals like when Naruto wanted Sasuke to come to the village and be good, and Goku wanted Vegeta to be good. This book stands out because sometimes people would act like Naruto because the way he acts. Naruto would sacrifice his life for his friends, and it encourage other people help other s who are getting bullied. It would be helpful to my reader because it would encourage them to do anything they want. They would never give up, and always willing to help anybody who’s hurt. I would give this a 5 out of 5 and I think people all over the world should read this.

Recommended by Julian J.


Thirteen Reasons Why? by Jay Asher

thirteenreasonswhy“You can’t stop the future you can’t rewind the past the only way to learn the secret is to press play.” (from Jay Asher’s 13 reasons why) 13 reasons why is about this girl who committed suicide and she leaves behind a series of tapes explaining the 13 reasons why she killed herself. This book reminds me of a book called “Before I Fall” it reminds of 13 reasons why because it is basically relaying the same message only this time it is from a different point of view. This book stands out because even though it is a fictional book it has such a real life, and emotional message that any and everyone who reads it will get. If you are a person who is very emotional take your time reading it because this book is like a roller coaster of emotions sometimes it will make you happy, sometimes it will make you sad,sometimes even mad,so if you have to put the book pause and resume reading when you feel up to it. I will give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book it has a nice message in it.

Recommended by Adom Y.

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

artemis-fowl-book-1-cover“I want you to know, my dear friend that without you, i would not be the person I am today, i was a broken boy,and you fixed me.
Thank you.” (From Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl tells a story about this smart young boy whose life will change when finds out the truth of the creatures who live right under his very feet. Artemis Fowl reminds me of Jimmy Neutron because just like in the book both Artemis Fowl and Jimmy Neutron are Geniuses and they both go on these amazing adventures. The thing that makes Artemis Fowl stand out is the emotion that is in this book unlike other books this book will make you feel happy, sad and excited all in one book. I think that Artemis Fowl is a very interesting book, the story line is amazing and you will get hooked on reading this book fast it is a real page turner. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars you should read this book if you are into mythological creatures such as leprechaun’s elves and so forth.

Recommended by Adom Y.

charlotts web by E. B.white

Recommended by aliyah jdownload (2)

have you ever wondered what its like to be a pig on a farm and the inside look of the other animals on the farm as well charlotte’s web is a hear warming story of a girl who is taking care of a pig named wilbur who developes a friendship of a spider have you ever wondered what its like to be a pig on a farm and the inside look of the other animals on the farm what makes charlottes web so unique is you get is its almost like your getting the scoop on a new born animal and you look at life on there perspective some advice when reading this book you might want to have a box of tissue on the side because its an emotional ride if i had to rate charlotte’s web i would give it a 4 its a classic and original i recommend this book if you like a heart warming stories

Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park

Recommended by Jasmine
Junie Have you ever thought that Junie B. Jones would have a smart mouth at the age of 5 years old? Junie B. Jones life is cool. She is young, and she has a bad attitude. She also has a brother, and a dog. This book reminds me of my life, and my little sister because she act like Junie. I love this book because it makes me think about a lot of things like the way she acts. She is really interesting in the book. I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like interesting books.

The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By Shearman Alexie

Recommended by Romon
the abbs Have you ever felt half Indian, and half white? Arnold Spirit is a Indian from a small reservation of Indians that has no life. Arnold is now attending a school called Reardan where the only white people. Everybody Hates Chris reminds me of a Part-Time Indian because Chris is black, and also attends an all white school. This stands out to me because Arnold doesn’t want to be like all the other Indians, he wants to become something in life. Never become a follower it wouldn’t get you no where in life. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like to see how he change from a low life into a smart young boy.

Batman by Bill Finger

Recommended by Robert E.
Batman 251I am the person in the dark, I watch over the city, and fight crime, and keep the city safe. The book is about a man that keeps the city safe from evil and villains. They make sure nothing bad happens to the people of the city. Spiderman has the same conflict, only he wears red, and blue while Batman wears black. Batman is unique, and the bad guys are unique as well. You should read Spiderman to start off with. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like superheroes.