The Death of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff

the death of jayson porter book coverRecommended by Makala R. (winner Dominos)

Living in the inland Florida Projects with his abusive mother, he tries unsuccessfully to fit in at his predominantly white school, while struggling to maintain even a thread of a relationship with his drug-addicted father. Jayson Porter is dying in the inside of the physical abuse caused by his mother. His mother shows TOUGH love, and she doesn’t want him to do WRONG. Jayson wants to get out of the situation, or he has another option….”The Death of Jayson Porter” reminds me of “Woman Thou Art Loosed” because both are about abuse. The thing that makes “The Death of Jayson Porter” unique is that Jayson never backed down from his abuse, and that made him stronger every day. I thought “The Death of Jayson Porter” started out interesting, because the author starts by describing his life. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like realistic fiction or urban fiction books.