Dork Diaries 11 by Rachel Russell

dd11_cvr_1-webRecommended by Makayla S

How would you feel if you had to spend a week at your arch enemies’s school North Hampton Hills International Academy for international exchange student week. Nikki Maxwell just found out the she was going to be spending a week at North Hampton Hills International Academy. For the rich, famous,and royals.Also were Nikki’s arch enemy Mackenzie Hollister just transferred to after she post a video of her self freaking out because a bug was in her hair. Then tells her parent’s that Nikki posted the video of her. Now lets see who well be popular at North Hampton Hills International Academy. My comparison to this book is Diary of a Wimpy kid because they are both facing the challenge of middle school and making friends and making enemies.And trying to get there crush’s to notice them. What makes this book stand out to me is that all teenagers have problems but Nikki Maxwell as the problem of a regular teenager times hundred. With her enemy Mackenzie, her littler sister Briana,her crazy best friends Chloe and Zoey, and her crush Brandon. When reading dork diaries you could never be bored with all the drama and craziness of this book is like looking in the mind of a teenage girl. i would rate this book a 5 out of 5


The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By Shearman Alexie

Recommended by Romon
the abbs Have you ever felt half Indian, and half white? Arnold Spirit is a Indian from a small reservation of Indians that has no life. Arnold is now attending a school called Reardan where the only white people. Everybody Hates Chris reminds me of a Part-Time Indian because Chris is black, and also attends an all white school. This stands out to me because Arnold doesn’t want to be like all the other Indians, he wants to become something in life. Never become a follower it wouldn’t get you no where in life. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like to see how he change from a low life into a smart young boy.

The Night She Disappeared by April Henry

Recommended by Shamarr
That nightWhat would you do if you were in the situation of delivering pizza to an unknown area, and got kidnapped? Kayla was called to deliver pizza to an unknown area, but it turned out to be a kidnapping site. Everyone found out it was meant for Gabbie, another worker. The Night She Disappeared reminds me of Amber Alert and CSI because in CSI they helped to find the person dead or alive. It reminds me of Amber Alert because people who are kidnapped are most likely not aware like Kayla. The thing that makes The Night She Disappeared stand out, is how it gives everyone’s point of view and how they feel. Also because it has the time periods. It was very realistic. I think that the beginning was grabbed the most attention, but towards the last few chapters I drew away from the book. It got boring. I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like mystery. and realistic type things.

The Child Thief by Brom

Recommended by Hailee C.
brom ” Peter stood up and let a wicked smile slide across his face.”Time to play.”” “The Child Thief” gives a modern twist on the story of Peter Pan. Peter leaves his Neverland to bring back kids to train, and use as weapons for his battle against Captain Hook.”The Child Thief” reminds me of Grimm Fairy Tales because of the dark twist on the well known Disney retelling. The thing that makes The Child Thief stand out is art shown between this Peter Pan and the Disney Peter Pan. To read this book, you would have to give it your full attention because there are a lot of twists and turns thrown at the reader. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like Fairy tales with a twist.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes by Stephen King

Recommended by Antwon H.
dreamRevenge is a dish best served cold. That’s how the main character of this book felt when he sought revenge on his wife’s murderer. When a mans wife is murdered for trying to do the right thing he does everything he can to make her murderer pay for what he did. The thing that makes this book different is the way that this man got his revenge, and his determination, and his skills that he acquired. The book may start out a little slow, but once you get into the story line you’ll be very interested. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like thrillers and drama. 

Drama High: Jayd’s Legacy By L.Divine

Drama High Jyad's Legacy

Recommended by Kia B.

Do you ever wonder about all the drama-filled, shocking facts about High school. In a series of books, Drama High school: Jayd’s Legacy  tells a story about Jayd Jackson and her very cool boyfriend Jeremy Weiner. It will tell all the enticing , shocking, mystical drama between the  two and others at south bay high. Prom is also coming up for them and things are getting pretty heated. This book reminds me of the movie ” Love and Basketball” because in love and basketball it is a lot obstacles between the two’s relationship, just like are obstacles in the book Drama High: Jayd’s Legacy. The thing that makes this book stands out is how much drama that’s going on in the book. In the book it says ” Friends and Teachers at south bay High be hating, but Jayd and Jeremy are falling in love and if anyone has a problem with that then its no surprise. I think in the beginning it gets kind of dull at first, but when you read some more chapters, it starts giving you all the juicy drama coming into the book. I would give this book five out of five stars. You should read this book if you like Drama, and a kind of romantic type of book.

Alex Rider Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz

Recommended by Steven S.
AlexIf your’e looking for a book that’s amazing, Alex Rider Scorpia is the right one for you. It’s about a spy that goes on a mission to save the world. Without him the world wouldn’t be the same. The evil guy named Scorpia is plotting to take over the world, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s going to get stopped by his arch nemesis Alex Rider. Alex Rider won’t stop at anything to save his world. This book reminds me of the movie Taken. It reminds me of Taken because both characters try to save the world. The disembodied voices bounced across the air waves on a channel, so secret that anyone trying to tune in would only hear the hiss of static. This book has a lot of hard mysteries, don’t try to figure them out just keep reading. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like mysteries.