JUICE By Eric Walters

juiceRecommended by Gary W.

Juice is a really good book to read if you like football sports. Juice is about a high school football team losing most of their games. They come back to play for the championship until something happens. This high school team relates to the LFLA football team. We almost lost all of our games in the season, and to let the players get along with each other. This book is unique because although the team is losing they still fight hard until its over. This book shows strength, emotion, fury and smartness. I would prefer authors to read this book because it can describe how your life was in high school.


“Friday Night Lights” By H.G. Bissinger

friday night lightsRecommended by Urian W.

Friday Night Lights is a great book. If you’re into high school football and drama this book is for you. The book is about a high school football team in Texas that goes through some things during their football season. One of the things they go through is one of the players not getting good grades in school.  You have to like reading; the book is not that small  and has a lot of details but leads to fun exciting reading.