Troy by Adele Geras

290090-_uy200_Do you like story’s that is filled with love and war and a hint drama and hate. Two sisters will try to live in a world of love and when Aphrodite is not a good person. It is almost like Rick Rordan but it is more about Aphrodite. This Greek book really happens in time but some of it is fake. Beware the drama and confusion with the characters because me personally I had a hard times with the names at first but when I got used to it I finally got all the names right with the characters.Then this book has drama for girls and blood and war for boys. This book I would give it a 5 because of the drama and confusion in it. It is for girls and boys that like drama and war.

Recommended by Ta’Shon W.


The Seer of Shadows by Avi

seerRecommended by Nicholas R.

What if you could see things that normal people couldn’t see? This book is about a boy who is a photographer. This boy can see spirits. A family lost their beloved daughter in a bad “illness” or so they say. Are they telling the truth? The main character will do anything to get the truth and do what is right. This book reminds me of the movie 1408, because the main character is witnessing a haunting as well and a romance is involved.The book stands out because the main character is so young at the time, and what he goes through is just mind-blowing. It’s really good. In the beginning it is a little slow, but soon picks up after the main character hears about the death. I rate this book a 5-star. You should read this book if you like ghosts and history.

War Brothers: The Graphic Novel by Sharon McKay

War Brothers: The Graphic Novel

War Brothers: The Graphic Novel

Recommended by Ms. Parker

There are as many as 250,000 child soldiers around the world today, according to Sharon McKay, the author. Although this book is fiction, it is based on true events. War Brothers is the story of Jacob, a Ugandan boy who, along with his friends, is kidnapped, beaten, starved and forced into being a soldier in the Lord’s Resistance Army. Although it was originally written as a chapter book, it is the graphic novel version that is on this year’s HS Book Battle list.

The book reminds me of Art Spiegelman’s Maus books, which are graphic novels telling the story of the World War II Holocaust. In those books, Speigelman used cartoon characters of cats and mice to depict the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. In this book, the illustrator, Daniel Lafrance, draws the characters as real people, but uses shadows to imply some of the violence. As the main character, Jacob, tells readers: “My story is not an easy one to tell, and it is not an easy one to read. The life of a child soldier is full of unthinkable  violence and brutal death. But, this is also a story of courage, hope, friendship, and family.”

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you want to know more about a problem facing children in over 35 countries around the world today.

Child Soldier in Uganda, Africa

Child Soldier in Uganda, Africa