No Home by Jill Haney

no homeRecommended by Aseani M. (winner of Jimmy Johns)

“Tom wants a home.But he had to runaway.His dad hit him.His mom drank too much.”This book is about a boy name Eddie who wants a home.His dad lost his job and couldn’t pay rent.Eddie had to live in his dad’s car.Then they are looking for some food.This book No Home reminds me of my auntie when she ran away from home because her mom hit her and she came to my house and I let her stay at my house for 5 days.This book made me feel sad because they don’t have a home.I felt like it was going to be me.I almost shot a tear but I wiped it.I thought No Home was going to start out small but the story started off big. If I could rate this book out of 5 stars I would rate this with 5 stars.


Go Ask Alice By: Anonymous

Recommended by Infiniti C.

When your sucked into a world of drugs and alcohol anything can happen. Going from a good girl to questioning life. As Alice becomes older she starts to wonder why is she still living or what does she have to live for. From just trying one drug to going from another drug to another until she is just running away from home and becoming homeless. This book reminds me of a movie called Yelling Into The Sky. How bothteenage girls start to let peer pressure force them into another life style. Almost letting small decisions make a big impact on their life. Go Ask Alice is a unique book because it shows her diary pages. Stuff Alice wouldn’t talk about to other or say in other parts of the book. My advice is that in the beginning the book starts off slow then starts to come together. Rating Go Ask Alice 4 out of 5.