No Way Out by Peggy Kern

no-way-out-peggy-kern-paperback-cover-artRecommended by Kalvin W. (winner Dominos gift card)

Have you ever felt like you were in a hole and couldn’t get out? Well, this 15-year-old boy was in a very deep hole. He found himself trying to help his guardian, who is his grandmother, with her bills because she was injured real badly. As he found himself trying to help he got in to bad business with the wrong person. Any teen can relate to this story because teens have the tendencies of trying to help.  That’s why this book is a must-read. This is a real unique book because it shows you there are always better ways to do things. This book gives a lesson which is: If you have to think about it, don’t do it. This book was from beginning to end.

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you are a teen who gets pressured to go against your will or has been pressured to go against your will.


The Test by Peggy Kern

The TestRecommended by Shameeka B.

The Test is a good book about teens and the struggles that they go through. It helps teens who go through things, like getting pregnant at a early age. This book is about a girl who got pregnant as a teen and her baby Daddy wasn’t there for her. This book reminds me of  most of the teenage girls in the world, like they get pregnant and go through things like struggles with their family because they can’t get along with each other. This book stands out more then other books to me because they talk more about teenagers getting pregnant at early age. This book talks more about teens having babies and problems. I think The Test is a good book because when you start reading the book it will tell you about the background of her life and what happened before she had her baby.