The Night She Disappeared by April Henry

Recommended by Shamarr
That nightWhat would you do if you were in the situation of delivering pizza to an unknown area, and got kidnapped? Kayla was called to deliver pizza to an unknown area, but it turned out to be a kidnapping site. Everyone found out it was meant for Gabbie, another worker. The Night She Disappeared reminds me of Amber Alert and CSI because in CSI they helped to find the person dead or alive. It reminds me of Amber Alert because people who are kidnapped are most likely not aware like Kayla. The thing that makes The Night She Disappeared stand out, is how it gives everyone’s point of view and how they feel. Also because it has the time periods. It was very realistic. I think that the beginning was grabbed the most attention, but towards the last few chapters I drew away from the book. It got boring. I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like mystery. and realistic type things.


Witch and Wizard Series by James Patterson

witch_and_wizardRecommended by Karlos C.

Kids being taken for no reason? You and your sister/brother escape, what do you do? Use your powers to free them and stop the threat. This book is about a brother and sister being taken from their parents. They end up in a secret prison for kids. The two realize that they have powers. They break free and now they must find their parents and save the world. This book reminds me of a story called Maze Runner. This reminds me of this book because they have no idea what’s going on in the life they are in. What stands out to me about this book is that it’s full of mystery. I give this book five stars. I would recommend this to those who like books that are full of adventure and action.

Don’t Turn Around by Michelle Gagnon

tumblr_m8ax5u3VTb1qhho07Recommended by Melissa B.

Although the title is strange, the book itself connects to it. This book is about a young girl name Noa who goes and try to find out what these people did to her. To find out why she has a huge scar across her chest. You also wouldn’t expect the girl to be a “Computer Genius.” This book reminds me of the movie Lucy. I say Lucy because these men put a bag of drugs inside her. But she goes and tries to get the people back who did it to her. This book is unique because you wouldn’t expect a young girl to go around knowing she in danger, just to find out what happened to her. Also how she managed to live on her own for a couple of years at a young age. The book starts off pretty interesting, it goes straight into the problem. But it might get confusing going back and forth with two different characters. I would give “Don’t Turn Around” a 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like adventure or mystery.

Stained by Cheryl Rainfield

16158181Recommended by Tiffany M.

What would you do if you where kidnapped only to face, horrible trauma? Sixteen year old Sarah was patiently waiting on her treatment, Until horrible news shot her down. Money was tight, and dad lost his job. Sarah went to school upset that day, with no return… This book reminds me of people who go through everyday struggles of getting bullied, because of things that they cant change. This reminds me of this because Sarah is bullied for a reason she can not control. What stands out about this book is Sarah Has a disease that many people don’t see often. The book jumps right into the story and is interesting from the jump, once you pick the book up you wont want to put it down ! I Give this book 5/5 stars because it keeps you interested. You should read this book if you like mysteries.