Fabulous (a Kimani Tru book) by Simone Bryant


Fabulous (A Pace Academy Novel from Kimani Tru)

Recommended by Stacy V.

Want to read about three teenage girls that have famous parents? Watch as the girls go through their adversities and try to overcome them.Starr has a crush on this boy, but read when she finds something out online.Dionne has to choose which lifestyle she likes better, rich or poor.Marisol is having a family problem. Would  she get her friends involved in this problem? Read about their choices and lifestyles. This book reminds me of Mean Girls because they are three rich girls, and they’re popular at school. What makes this book unique is the drama and the girls reaction and plans for this.  I would give this book 5 out of 5. You should read this book if you like dramatic, exciting, and high school drama books.