Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

Maximum_Ride1Recommended by Ebony T.

James Patterson pulls you into his world of hilarious “bird kids” with this marvelous mixture of science fiction, comedy, and action. The main character, Max, will leave you completely breathless, and lead you on an almost infinite journey through their lives. Patterson makes you feel like you’re in the story with them as they take on enemies of all kinds. For those who are enthralled by science fiction, I’d recommend this series. I enjoyed this from the very beginning to the very end, and I can guarantee that while they’re flying through the skies, you’ll be flying through the pages. This book series is so unique that I can’t even think of any book to compare it to. It’s that amazing, and I give it five out of five stars!


Witch and Wizard Series by James Patterson

witch_and_wizardRecommended by Karlos C.

Kids being taken for no reason? You and your sister/brother escape, what do you do? Use your powers to free them and stop the threat. This book is about a brother and sister being taken from their parents. They end up in a secret prison for kids. The two realize that they have powers. They break free and now they must find their parents and save the world. This book reminds me of a story called Maze Runner. This reminds me of this book because they have no idea what’s going on in the life they are in. What stands out to me about this book is that it’s full of mystery. I give this book five stars. I would recommend this to those who like books that are full of adventure and action.