Kindness For Weakness by Shawn Goodman

kindness-for-weakness-shawn-goodman-book-coverThe title was the hook ” kindness For Weakness because it related to the story about the delinquent little boy. It is about a juvenile detention delinquent kid who’s always in trouble. The boy’s mom has a abusive boyfriend who drinks a lot. A brother name Louis who moved out because boyfriend. I could compare this book with a move and real life experiences. What make this book stand out is the cover of the book and what the book is about. When you look at the cover it look like the book is about something else. I would prefer anyone who wants to read this book read all the way through it would be inspiring. I would rate this book 4 out 5 stars. You should read this book if you like movies and real life experiences.

Recommended by Alexis B.


Secrets in the Shadows by Anne Schraff

516gss5ddblHave you ever worried about so many things at one time? This book is about Roylin and he went out with this girl.He lied and told her he had a bunch of money,she wanted a very expensive necklace.Also one of his friends died and they tried to see if he was buried .He was not,he was gone. This book is like other Bluford Series books because they are all things that can really happen in reality. What makes this book so unique is people can relate to it a lot and you see how people feel. It wasn’t that interesting until the girl came to the school and that is where it really starts. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 .You should read this book if you worry about a lot of things.

Recommended by Ryan L.

Something like Hope by Shawn Goodman

something-like-hopeRecommended by Ashyrha D.

When life knocks you down you have to get right back up. Sometimes when your young you do dumb things but after a while you grow from it. Shavonne wants to change but never thought it was this hard. Something like Hope reminds me of real life situations that you are given but something you have to do alone. Some of the scenes will surprise you, you wouldn’t expect it to come out that way. It starts a little slow in my opinion but soon you’ll learn her struggle. I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like Realistic drama/real life situations come to life in a book.

Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake

Recommended by Raven B.
money hungry You will love this book! This book is about a 13 year old girl named Raspberry Hill, and she is always thinking about ways to make money. She will do anything bad to get money. I think that if you read this book you will not want to stop reading this book because it is so good. The thing that makes this book stand out is the way that it is written, and how the writer helps you figure out the problem in the book. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like Realistic Fiction books.

When the Black Girl Sings by Bil Wright

Recommended by Kyajaa W.
When the black girl sings“With something only music can cure…are you willing to find yourself through it?” With the help of her choir director, an struggling to keep her parents together. When the Black Girl Sings tells the story Lahni Schuler, and her love for music. When the Black Girl Sings reminds me of If I stay because like those two books, this has real life situations, and it also has someone overcoming their fears. The thing that makes When the Black Girl Sings stand out is how real it is. ” First, being new to church, I didn’t know all that much about Jesus.” I thought When the Black Girl sings started out on a good foot, even though you might not understand what’s going on. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like family challenges, music, and real-life situations.

Forged by Fire by Sharon M. Draper

forged by fireThe main character in this story is stuck in a scary situation. He has decide whether has ready to stand up to his step dad in the final battle. A boy moving back in with his mother after his aunt dies after 8 years has a conflict between his dope-head mother’s new boyfriend and younger sisters father, who also beats and molest his younger sister. This book reminds me or a old friend who used to get beat big his stepfather. It also reminds me of the movie me of the movie Precious who was getting beat by her insure Mother. This book is because it shows the struggle in real life households through the book. I thought the book had a steady pace of excitement and I constantly wanted more. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like dramas.

Recommended by Marcus B.

The Death of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff

the death of jayson porter book coverRecommended by Makala R. (winner Dominos)

Living in the inland Florida Projects with his abusive mother, he tries unsuccessfully to fit in at his predominantly white school, while struggling to maintain even a thread of a relationship with his drug-addicted father. Jayson Porter is dying in the inside of the physical abuse caused by his mother. His mother shows TOUGH love, and she doesn’t want him to do WRONG. Jayson wants to get out of the situation, or he has another option….”The Death of Jayson Porter” reminds me of “Woman Thou Art Loosed” because both are about abuse. The thing that makes “The Death of Jayson Porter” unique is that Jayson never backed down from his abuse, and that made him stronger every day. I thought “The Death of Jayson Porter” started out interesting, because the author starts by describing his life. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like realistic fiction or urban fiction books.