Pinned by Sharon G. Flake

Recommended by Tracy V.
PinnedHave you ever been good at one thing, but bad another. Pinned is about a girl named, Autumn, who was good and loved wrestling, but her grade-level in reading was 2 years behind, and she has to figure out how she can keep up reading, and wrestling at the same time. This book reminds me of , Beacon Hills High, not only did both characters go to Beacon High, but both went through life struggles. What makes this book unique is that in this book the main character get what ever they want, but in the book the struggle is real for Autumn. My advice is to get a dictionary because Autumn’s friend Adonis uses big words. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like Urban Fiction, and a girl wrestling, cooking, and reading.  


2014 Basketball Superstars by K.C Kelley

Recommended by Carlos B.
bb Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and many other exciting players are talked about in this book. This book is exploring players career’s, and how they got there. This book reminds me of NBA greatest players, because it talks about their careers. This book stands out because it explains everything that happens in their careers. This book would help if you want to know about how people got where they are. I would give this book 5 out of 5. You should read this book if you like NBA facts.

Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby

mj the lifeRecommended by Tonio M. (winner Dominos gift card)

This is a great book to read if you really love basketball. This about the greatest player whoever played basketball. It talks about him being in the NBA and the games he played like the “Flu Game” he played with the flu and won for his team, the “Last Shot” and “The Shrug.” This book reminds me of the movie “Space Jam” in which Michael Jordan helped other people win basketball games to go to the championship. I love this book because I play basketball and he made history so reading this book motivates you to go harder in the game and to try to make it to the NBA like he did. I would only read this book if you play basketball or like Michael Jordan. I give this 4 stars and athletes should read this.

Black And White By Paul Volponi

black and whileRecommended by Demarco W.

Black And White is a very interesting book. If you like basketball or are interested in playing sports and like books that are about drama , I think this is the perfect book for you to read! This amazing, interesting book is about two young men named Marcus and Eddie. They are very good basketball players, all-stars on their school basketball team. Also they have accidentally killed someone, but they have not gotten caught yet. This book could be funny at times because there are about 10 profanity words in every almost every chapter of this book. I want others to read this book because when you read it, it feels like its a real life story. 


JUICE By Eric Walters

juiceRecommended by Gary W.

Juice is a really good book to read if you like football sports. Juice is about a high school football team losing most of their games. They come back to play for the championship until something happens. This high school team relates to the LFLA football team. We almost lost all of our games in the season, and to let the players get along with each other. This book is unique because although the team is losing they still fight hard until its over. This book shows strength, emotion, fury and smartness. I would prefer authors to read this book because it can describe how your life was in high school.

“Friday Night Lights” By H.G. Bissinger

friday night lightsRecommended by Urian W.

Friday Night Lights is a great book. If you’re into high school football and drama this book is for you. The book is about a high school football team in Texas that goes through some things during their football season. One of the things they go through is one of the players not getting good grades in school.  You have to like reading; the book is not that small  and has a lot of details but leads to fun exciting reading.

Travel Team by Mike Lupica

Travel teamRecommended by Kyla M.

If you love basketball and you never had anyone to look up to (father-wise) you would like this book. This book Travel Team is about a boy named Danny. He doesn’t have a father to look up to and he loves basketball. He played basketball since 5th grade and now he’s in 7th grade. Travel Team is just like the movie Space Jam. Danny thought he couldn’t be better than Ty Ross so he stay in the gym. MJ teammates thought they couldn’t beat the other team so they stayed in the gym to practice before the game. Travel Team stands out because Danny doesn’t have a father in his life, but yet he stills hold it down and make sure he’s a gentleman to females at all times. Travel Team talks about Danny’s old basketball team/ teammates and then it talks about him in the future. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.You should read this book if you like basketball.