November Blues by Sharon Draper

novbluesRecommended by Aarionna W.

If you want to read a book that can relate to most teens of this generation, then this is the book for you. This book tells the story of a girl who just lost her boyfriend to a tragic death. This death really hurt her until she finds out she pregnant and has to go through this alone. But to top it all off the boy’s parents want to take the baby. November must face challenges a teenager wouldn’t even dream of. November has to make the biggest decision of her life. This book reminds me of a movie you would watch on Lifetime because it has drama and tragedy that most people face everyday. This book is a must-read and it stands out from most books in my opinion because a high school student who has to go through so much and still lands on her feet is something I think everyone wants to read. This book gives a positive message that even if something tragic happens you can still get through it. I would give this book a rating of 5 out of 5.


The Test by Peggy Kern

The TestRecommended by Shameeka B.

The Test is a good book about teens and the struggles that they go through. It helps teens who go through things, like getting pregnant at a early age. This book is about a girl who got pregnant as a teen and her baby Daddy wasn’t there for her. This book reminds me of  most of the teenage girls in the world, like they get pregnant and go through things like struggles with their family because they can’t get along with each other. This book stands out more then other books to me because they talk more about teenagers getting pregnant at early age. This book talks more about teens having babies and problems. I think The Test is a good book because when you start reading the book it will tell you about the background of her life and what happened before she had her baby.