Kindness For Weakness by Shawn Goodman

kindness-for-weakness-shawn-goodman-book-coverThe title was the hook ” kindness For Weakness because it related to the story about the delinquent little boy. It is about a juvenile detention delinquent kid who’s always in trouble. The boy’s mom has a abusive boyfriend who drinks a lot. A brother name Louis who moved out because boyfriend. I could compare this book with a move and real life experiences. What make this book stand out is the cover of the book and what the book is about. When you look at the cover it look like the book is about something else. I would prefer anyone who wants to read this book read all the way through it would be inspiring. I would rate this book 4 out 5 stars. You should read this book if you like movies and real life experiences.

Recommended by Alexis B.


Secrets in the Shadows by Anne Schraff

516gss5ddblHave you ever worried about so many things at one time? This book is about Roylin and he went out with this girl.He lied and told her he had a bunch of money,she wanted a very expensive necklace.Also one of his friends died and they tried to see if he was buried .He was not,he was gone. This book is like other Bluford Series books because they are all things that can really happen in reality. What makes this book so unique is people can relate to it a lot and you see how people feel. It wasn’t that interesting until the girl came to the school and that is where it really starts. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 .You should read this book if you worry about a lot of things.

Recommended by Ryan L.

God Help the Child by Toni Morrison

god-help_g4eozf“I have no idea what occupied him when I was at the office and I never asked. I thought it showed how much I trusted him- that it was him I was attracted to him, not what he did.” (Morrison, 62) In different point of views, God Help the Child tells the story Lula Ann trying to adjust between the present and her past. God Help the Child reminds me of Midnight: A Gangster Love Story by Sister Souljah because the main characters find ways to live through their problems. What makes God Help the Child so special is the fact that it captivates you from the very beginning. It gives you an issue and then flashbacks to show you what little things shape the truth. In God Help the Child, be mindful of the setting and the author’s choice of words. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this if you like dram and urban fiction.

Recommended by Kyajaa W.

Pinned by Sharon G. Flake

Recommended by Tracy V.
PinnedHave you ever been good at one thing, but bad another. Pinned is about a girl named, Autumn, who was good and loved wrestling, but her grade-level in reading was 2 years behind, and she has to figure out how she can keep up reading, and wrestling at the same time. This book reminds me of , Beacon Hills High, not only did both characters go to Beacon High, but both went through life struggles. What makes this book unique is that in this book the main character get what ever they want, but in the book the struggle is real for Autumn. My advice is to get a dictionary because Autumn’s friend Adonis uses big words. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like Urban Fiction, and a girl wrestling, cooking, and reading.  

The Death of Jayson Porter by Jaime Adoff

the death of jayson porter book coverRecommended by Makala R. (winner Dominos)

Living in the inland Florida Projects with his abusive mother, he tries unsuccessfully to fit in at his predominantly white school, while struggling to maintain even a thread of a relationship with his drug-addicted father. Jayson Porter is dying in the inside of the physical abuse caused by his mother. His mother shows TOUGH love, and she doesn’t want him to do WRONG. Jayson wants to get out of the situation, or he has another option….”The Death of Jayson Porter” reminds me of “Woman Thou Art Loosed” because both are about abuse. The thing that makes “The Death of Jayson Porter” unique is that Jayson never backed down from his abuse, and that made him stronger every day. I thought “The Death of Jayson Porter” started out interesting, because the author starts by describing his life. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. You should read this book if you like realistic fiction or urban fiction books.

Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper

forged-by-fireRecommended by Marlon L.

Do you like reading about kids going through hard times? In this book a kid named Gerald lives with his aunt who dies. So now he has to move in with his mom who he hasn’t seen in forever. The only good thing he gets out of living with his mom is that he meets his little sister. This book reminds of a movie called “Mister and Pete,” because it also had kids going through hard times. This book is unique because it only takes a strong kid to go through so much and make it. I think you should read this book because its can teach you things about life.

Teenage Love Affair by Ni-Ni Simone

recommended by Tracy V (winner Dominos)

Zsa has been through a lot, starting off with her abusive boyfriend, Ameen, and ending when she reunites with her ex-boyfriend Malachi.

To start off when Zsa was young she had a boyfriend name Malachi, that she liked so much and out of no where Malachi and his family moved away without warning anyone. Then Malachi return years later, and the bad thing is that Zsa has a boyfriend and starts to fall for Malachi again. One thing that keeps making her fall for him is that he is always there when she feels upset about how wrong Ameen has done her, but Zsa still loves them. She loves them both! Read and find out what will happen.

This story reminds me of alot of Tyler Perry Movies. The reason why i say this is because in Tyler Perry movies they’re real life situation and this book is like a real life situation. This book can also help people by giving good advices and also how to not or how to handle a situation. Giving Teenage Love Affair a rate out of five stars i would give it a 5 out of 5. The reason why i said this is because this book is very interesting and once you read one chapter you just can’t put it down.